The African American Heritage House (AAHH) presents its inaugural Chautauqua Speaker Series

June 26: Dr. Joe Trotter – Reiterating the Centrality of Work in African American Urban History

July 4: Dr. David Blight (in cooperation with Chautauqua Institution): Fredrick Douglass’ 4th of July Speech

July 10: Dr. Daina Berry – Soul Values and American Slavery

July 17: Hon. Stacey Abrams, J.D. – The Road to a Fair Fight: A Conversation About Voting Rights

July 22: Dr. Alisha Jones – “Are You Familiar with N.W.A.?”: Deciphering Musical Grievances Against Law Enforcement in African-American Hip-hop

July 31: Michael B. Moore – “The Farther You Can Look Back, The Farther Ahead You Can See.” Or, Why History Matters!

August 7: Dr. Frank Thomas – The Power of African American Preaching

August 14: Dr. Stan Deaton – What About Those Confederate Monuments?

August 21: A week with Dr. Alex Harris and Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT) – Performances and Presentations with students from St. Pete, FL

For more information, visit our website:

Presentations will be 3:30 PM in the Hall of Philosophy

Open Houses: Tuesdays, 3:30 PM at 38 Clark

Porch Chats: Sundays, 4:00 PM at the Athenaeum