Note from Michael Hill, CHQ President:

 Dear Bestor Society members,
This past Sunday's gathering of the Bestor Society was a joyful reunion. It also served as a welcoming embrace for those newest in our midst who joined others in giving most generously to the Chautauqua Fund this year. 

If you were in attendance, I hope you enjoyed the stirring talent of the Diversity Fellows from our Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra who serenaded us under a picture-perfect sky while sailboats teased our view of the lake. Whether you were present last Sunday or can now observe this program from your home, I am grateful for your support and pleased to share with you the message that members of Chautauqua's leadership presented about the dreams and blueprints we are collectively mapping for the future of Chautauqua. 

 Diversity Panel:

This is a panel led by Michael Hill on Diversity and Inclusion at Chautauqua, which includes Erroll Davis, Ian Saunders and a Homeboy leader.  It’s an audio recording with still pictures of the participants (dropbox below).

 The panel consists of a leader from Homeboy Industries (LA gang reform program), the CHQ theater company’s transgender business manager, the Chinese double bass from Cincinnati Symphony and their African American Diversity Fellow (housed at AAHH House), an Erroll Davis, African American corporate CEO and to become AAHH President, the Muslim coordinator for Chautauqua’s youth interfaith initiative, etc.

Very interesting diversity discussion and worth the time.  The recordings aren’t great, so make sure you’re in a quiet place.  It’s worth it to look at the pictures as panelists are introduced and as the discussion progresses.